• Why do you do both bikes and cars? Most workshops do one or the other. How can you be any good at both?

    We started out in motorcycle racing, as our interest grew in engines we naturally moved onto multi cylinder engines. A single cylinder engine is comprised of the same parts as a multi cylinder engine so it was a natural extension for us to do any configuration. One of the biggest differences between us and other engine tuners is testing, be it flow bench, engine dyno, chassis dyno. We will test before and after to prove to yourselves we have achieved what we set out to do.
    We also love a challenge!

  • Why do you dyno test shocks and forks? I've never seen that done before.

    Motorcycle suspension tuning has degenerated into handing your suspension over a counter so someone can take a wild guess. While they may have some settings recorded that worked OK for another customer, they really don't have any insight into how the damper behaves, that's where we have been able to use our motorsport damper experience to give tangible results to motorcycle suspension tuning. No more guessing. Targets developed by years of track testing with some of SA's top riders, taken back to the dyno and developed further. We know your suspension will work before it gets to the track. 

  • I've got a 911 Porsche that I want to run in Targa, what aspects of the build can you handle?

    We can either manage the whole design and build, give you realistic budgets and time frames or complete sections of a build such as engine and transmission. All of the Supaloc cars are managed and built by us on a scheduled maintenance and upgrade program, including trackside support and testing.

    Call Brad on 0438 815 926 to book an appointment in our workshop in Elizabeth, an hour north of Adelaide. You can have a workshop tour, see what we do for other racers and discuss your project. 

    We do prefer to plan builds with you, not have you turn up with a bunch of parts you have sourced from the USA, as we generally find it's better to buy locally. It's easy for US vendors to dump old and defective stock on unsuspecting Aussies.

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