This is what basic damper performance graphs look like... just like an engine dyno graph, they are the next step up from the "seat of your pants" assessment of how your shock or engine is working.

If you have had your suspension tuned by someone without a suspension dyno, just like if you were trying to tune your engine for more power without an engine dyno, they can't actually measure if their changes worked and by how much, they are really just guessing.

Once you correlate a shock absorber that performs great on the track, to how it shows on the shock dyno, you can quickly and easily replicate it, and even start picking points in the graph which you might like to test new settings on. Make the changes, track test it, and back again to the suspension dyno, the process repeats and evolves over the years, giving a great overview of what will be a reasonable suspension setup. The suspension dyno often shows up a customers complaint precisely in black and white.

We have been using a shock dyno for years, we have a huge collection of different settings to compare to, and we are experts in the field. Just because other suspension shops have a dyno, do they know how to use it?

Can't get your KTM or Husqvarna 4CS forks working? Without a shock dyno you are lost when tuning any fork, let alone a 4CS. With a dyno the 4CS can be made to work better without expensive Race Tech G2R Gold valve kits. We've been getting great results out of our latest tuning.

Motorbike Forks & Shocks Suspension Mods & Tuning
WP 4CS Suspension Forks Dyno Tuning

Suspension Services Offered:

  • Fork and Shock Service.

    Suggested every 50 hours. We replace leaking seals with KYB, SHOWA or SKF OEM seals and we restore original performance by replacing fatigued valving.

  • Fork and Shock Dyno Tuning.

    Revalving on all WP, SHOWA, KYB, OHLINS and MARZOCCHI Forks and Shocks. Completely customized setup specifically for your size and weight, your bike, and for your riding, Motocross, Enduro, Road Race, Trail, Adventure, or otherwise. 

  • Spring changes for both Fork and Shock.

    Progressive PDS Shock Springs are available for KTM 65, Husky/KTM 85 125 200 250 300 350 450 and 500 KTM and Husaberg.

  • KYB PSF 1 and PSF 2 Valving.

    SDI MidValve Pistons available

  • Showa SFF TAC AIR Fork Valving.

    SKF Low Friction Seals, MX Tech Spring Conversions.

Ohlins Motorbike Forks Repair, Valving, Tuning
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