GE Race Tune is owned and run by Adelaide local, Brad Greenslade, who has a long history in engineering, fabrication and tuning on both cars and bikes.

Based in Elizabeth, South Australia, we have a large, clean and spacious workshop staffed by top-quality certified mechanics who are passionate about performance and racing. Our facilities include:

  • Load Control Motorcycle Engine Dynamometer
  • Dynapack Portable Engine Dynamometers
  • Multiple Car & Bike Lifts
  • Fuel Injector Testing
  • Air-Flow Testing
  • Spring Rate Testing
  • ECU Diagnostics & Tuning
  • Motorcycle Fork & Shock Suspension Dynamometer
  • Complete Machining Equipment, including Mill, Lathe & Press
  • Climate-controlled Engine Building Room

We pride ourselves on our quality work, on our race successes, and our knowledge of cars and motorcycles. We offer bespoke specialist tuning, not just upgrades bolted on, but top quality parts specially tuned, modified and tested to fit your car, your engine and your motorsport application. 

We have been supporting a local racer, Mitchell Munzer from Kadina Club for about 8 years, seeing him go from KTM 65's, through 85's and now 250 SXF's. Rather than buying expensive ex factory bikes from National race teams, we develop the stock, often year or two old KTM's into machines capable of winning SA state titles with Mitchell on board. 

MX Motorcycle Suspension Dyno Tuning
GE Race Tune Motocross Track Racing Race Car Modification, Tuning & Repair
V10 Valve Seat Machining Suzuki Motocross Bike in the Workshop
GE Race Tune South Australia EFI Fuel Injector Testing
Tuning Parts Fabrication Lathe Sheet Steel Fabrication and Modifications
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